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If your child visits Mobile Phones Wiki on a regular basis, we highly recommend that you read this page for the safety of your child

Here at Mobile Phones Wiki we care about your child's safety and your own and therefore have numerous safety precautions in place to ensure that you get a friendly environment.

Mobile Phones Wiki is a Wiki which is owned by Wikia. This Wiki is a source for information on official mobile phones and its accessories only.
This site is not hosted, owned, operated or endorsed by any mobile phone or technology company.

Because of this, we cannot guarentee that the content you're child sees is appropriate for his or hers age group. Here at Mobile Phones Wiki we do have several Administrators who check the Wiki for inappropriate content posted by other users or Wikia Contributors. These administrators are to remove any inappropriate content on encounter.

If you have any questions about our policies or anything else, please feel free to ask in the forums, or contact one of our administrators here.

Disclaimer: The administrators will not be held responsible for the viewing of inappropriate material by your child or yourself, however they are responsible for removing it and preventing the perpetrator from causing any further damage by blocking them indefinitely.

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